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Erika and Clay’s Rainy Wedding Day in the Smoky Mountains


These two didn’t let the dreary weather rain on their parade! Despite all obstacles this day turned out beautifully. Just goes to show how stunning your day can be with a good rain plan!

It helps that Erika and Clay hired Kelsey Shea Photography to capture these swoon-worthy images. She is a true artist and she created a masterpiece with this album.

Erika and Clay’s day was full of elegance and class. The details were top notch for a black tie soiree.

An inspiring rainbow appeared moments before the ceremony started, bringing with it a sense of love and protection. Clay’s father unfortunately had passed away, but he was still able to give Clay a nod of encouragement before walking down the aisle.

For those special parent dances, they invited all the present fathers and daughters, and mothers and sons to take the dance floor. This was such a sweet moment, and something I hope to see much more of.

xo, jess

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